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Queer demonstrations

A celebration of queer existence and visibility. These artists' work celebrates queerness as a state of freedom, and of play, and steeps in juice of full emotions.

Joe Acri * * * * * * * * * @joe.b.a
Oscar Chavez * * * * * @oachavez
Storm Dunder * * * * * @stormdunder
Charley Guptill * * * * @charfee
Molly Hassler * * * * * @mollyhassler
Michael Lagerman * * @lagerman.studio
Anwar Mahdi * * * * * * @boi_venus
Abbey Muza * * * * * * @abbeymuza
Colin Radcliffe * * * * * @colinmemaybe
LaNia Sproles * * * * * @laniasprolesartist


There again, the disappearance

curatorial debut****

Please join us for an artist talk and community discussion with Vaughan Larsen and Valaria Tatera!

Reception from 6–8 PM with the discussion starting at 6:30 PM

Of Disappearance Suits, an ongoing series of works by Maria Gaspar examining marginalized identities, the Chicago-based artist writes: “As a first-generation Mexican American from an immigrant family, I am interested in understanding the relationship between the politicized body and rural, remote, or romantic landscapes. I create disappearance suits for a specific location/history/context and then, through a series of performative gestures, I contend with what’s there and what’s not there. In return, my body disappears and reappears.”

Curated by Molly Hassler and Marla Sanvick, There Again, the Disappearance continues the conversation of the (in)visibility of marginalized bodies present in Gaspar's Disappearance Suits through photographs and installations by Milwaukee artists Vaughan Larsen and Valaria Tatera.

Please join us for a closing reception and discussion with the artists of these works that together hit an emotional pitch that is at once humorous, heart-wrenching, and strikingly beautiful.

This exhibition was made possible by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation's Mary L. Nohl fund.


emerging artist exhibition

For the 4th year, Var will exhibit emerging artists recently graduated from MIAD and UW-Milwaukee to be featured in our annual Emerging Artist Exhibition. Var seeks out artists that are producing engaging work, and active in Milwaukee's art community.

Featured artists include:
Molly Hassler, Melissa Mursch, Brian Pfister, Emma Ponath, Brennen Steines, Izzy Waite

This exhibition will be on display through April 20th, 2019.


memory palace:curated by Kate mothes

Please join us for the opening of Memory Palace, a national juried exhibition curated by Kate Mothes of YNGSPC — on view from March 1st to March 27th @ Jackson Dinsdale Art Center of Hastings College !!


French kiss:a valentine pop-up

sunday february 10th @ split fountain press

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upcoming sales

vendor holiday pop up: december 2nd @ hawthorn contemporary

holiday sale: december 16th @ yours truly studio

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Mary nohl fellowship

Very honored to have been a finalist in the emerging artist category for the 2018 Mary L. Nohl Fellowship! Please read the full article here.


Artist Talk: Woodland Pattern

Please join me for my artist talk Friday, November 9th from 7PM to 8PM at Woodland Pattern Book Center


fragile not found

Please join us for the opening reception of Fragile Not Found, works by Molly Hassler, Anika Kowalik, & LaNia Sproles! Friday November 1st from 6PM to 9PM at Woodland Pattern Book Center.

About the artists:

Molly Hassler is Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee with an emphasis in Fibers and a Certificate in Community Arts. She is an interdisciplinary artist using large – scale sculptural fibers works, printing and dying techniques, and community arts engagement to communicate ideas surrounding queerness, nostalgia (or even nostalgia for nostalgia), and family.

Anika Kowalik was born and raised out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While growing up, Kowalik had the experience of living in many neighborhoods in Milwaukee, exposing them to the unique way that racism historically has shaped the city today. After attending Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design for their BFA in printmaking ‘17; Kowalik would utilize the language of printmaking and expand outside of its traditional two dimensional form. They use their personal experiences as a young black femme to explore the depths of generational and systematic oppression to create works that record their own history. As a person who is a part of a marginalized group, it is vital to unpack the truth through many facets of documentation. Kowalik finds it easier to communicate these personal experiences through materiality, expanding beyond the physical body we commonly search for and traditional forms of expression.

LaNia Sproles grew up in the segregated city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and graduated with a BFA from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. She devotes most of her time conducting research on the philosophies of self perception, queer and feminist theories, and inherent racial dogmas; while also examining the contemporary works’ of Laylah Ali, Kara Walker, and poet Warsan Shire. The combination of printmaking and drawing inspires her to challenge these concepts and to push beyond the traditional expectations of not only the figure but printmaking itself. Through collage and assemblage she strives to conduct work that pays homage to imagery free from the barriers of social constructs and honest in its vulnerability.

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Presenting Nine Young Women Artists, an Article by Todd Mrozinski for Urban Milwaukee


Real Tinsel is pleased to present EARTHSTOPPER, a group exhibition curated by Rachel Horvath featuring works by

Molly Hassler
Ariana Vaeth
Jenna Rose Marti 
Emma Ponath
LaNia Sproles 
Emma Smith
Jordin Alanis
Kelsey Parks
Rachel Horvath